Joel’s Story:
Joel possesses an unwavering passion for assisting business owners and leaders in shifting their focus from working in their business to working on it. He specializes in imparting principled-based leadership principles to these individuals. Joel’s innate talent lies in guiding leaders to uncover their true passions and overcome the obstacles that hinder their personal growth and prevent their organizations from reaching their profit potential.

Joel’s Adventures:
Embarking on a multitude of ventures, establishing himself as a franchisee and co-owner of multiple Papa Murphy’s Pizza stores across central and eastern Iowa since 2004. With over 30+ years of experience in business he has honed his expertise in staffing, training, workplace leadership coaching and designing successful profit margins through systematic implementation.

His commitment to leadership excellence led him to become a certified leadership coach and trainer through the renowned John Maxwell Certification program. This training, provided by the world’s largest leadership development company, has equipped him with exceptional skills in guiding individuals towards their leadership potential.

Additionally, Joel is a co-founder of The Truth Business Network, an influential organization based in Des Moines, Iowa. He also served as the co-founder and director of The Truth Leadership Academy, further emphasizing his dedication to cultivating strong and effective leadership.

Sharing his insights and wisdom, Joel has communicated through various platforms to reach a broader audience. He co-hosted a couple of radio programs, engages as a podcaster, and shares his thoughts and experiences through his blog.

You can learn more about Joel and his services at joelsmithcoach.com.